Spotify Group Sessions give multiple people control over what you're playing

There's no way this feature will lead to arguments, right?

Jon Fingas/Engadget

Spotify has started beta testing a nifty new feature called Group Sessions that allows two or more Premium users under the same roof to share playback control with one another. To start using the functionality, navigate to Spotify's play screen, and tap the Connect icon on the bottom left of the interface -- it's the same part of the app you use to stream your music to a smart speaker or another device. You'll then be able to share a code other people in your space can scan to join the listening session. Once everyone has joined, you will all have joint control over what's playing, including the ability to queue songs. What's more, anytime someone makes a tweak, you’ll see it reflected on your device.

The two or more Premium limitation means you won’t be able to take advantage of this feature if you’re sharing a single account with someone. When things return to normal, Group Sessions will likely get a lot of use at house parties. In the meantime, it will appeal most to people with Family and Duo accounts — provided they don't abuse the ability to skip songs, of course. Spotify says this is just the start of its plans for Group Sessions, with more planned for the future.