Spotify’s The Get Up is part morning show, part personalized playlist

It will offer pop culture, news and music tailored to your taste.


Well before Spotify streamed music and podcasts, folks have long got their early dose of music, talk and news on FM radio, often through “morning zoo” type shows. Now, Spotify is looking to emulate that format with its first-ever mixed media morning show called The Get Up. There’s one big change from FM, however: it’ll play music curated to your own taste.

The show will be produced by podcast company Gimlet media, and will blend “lively conversation with personalized music selections for each listener,” according to Spotify. It’ll be hosted by journalist Speedy Morman (formerly of Complex), YouTube creator Kat Lazo and Spotify’s Xaiver ‘X’ Jernigan. Spotify promises “fresh new perspectives, hot takes and unique music selections curated for each listener.”

It might be a good option if you’re torn between podcasts and music for your early commute or coffee. And unlike FM morning drive shows, you’re at least guaranteed to hear music that suits your own taste, rather than the morning show music formats that are often rigidly programmed.

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