Spotify's new songwriters section takes you behind the music

The latest effort recognize an important part of the music-making process.


Over the last few years, Spotify has made a concerted effort to give more attention to music producers and songwriters. And rightfully so, both of those groups of professionals play a key role in the creative process, collaborating with the artists and bands themselves. Today, the streaming service is launching a new Songwriters Hub inside of its apps. The section will appear as a category in the Browse tab where you find New Releases and other popular sections.

Spotify began giving producers and songwriters some focus in 2018 when it started showing credits based on record label metadata. Back in February, the company began beta testing songwriter pages. The service says those profiles and clickable song credits have “accumulated” over 127 billion streams thus far. The company is expanding the number of those pages today as well, adding profiles for Sia, Ant Clemons, Bebe Rexha, Gregg Wattenberg, Noonie Bao, Ashley Gorley and Irving Berlin to the songwriters who are already there.

With the new hub, songwriters have a proper section of Spotify’s library. There’s a featured songwriter up top with a collection of “Written By” playlists that compile the work of several others just below. There are only eight of those playlists right now, but I expect a lot more are on the way. Spotify also offers a selection of music-focused podcasts, featured releases and popular playlists on this page.

The Songwriters Hub is already live on Spotify, so if you’re interested in the creative team behind your favorite songs, or you’re looking to discover something new, the new section is ready for browsing.

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