Spotify's latest playlist auto-adapts to your day

Daylist gets new tracks from the genres you typically listen to throughout the day.


Spotify has launched a new playlist called "daylist," which is supposed to keep changing throughout the day to keep up with your moods and activities. As with other personalized playlists the service generates for you, it draws from the kind of music you typically listen to. Daylist, however, takes it a step further by taking note of the music you stream at specific times of the day and at certain days of the week. The company says it puts together tracks from the "niche music and microgenres" you typically play, and then it refreshes them frequently with new tunes as the day goes by.

You can expect new tracks every time daylist gets updated, and it also gets a new playful title like "happy dance" and "bedroom pop banger" each time. Spotify describes the new playlist as "hyper-personalized," which means it could be a great way to find new music or artists right up your alley. And in case you're liking what you're hearing, you can save the whole playlist in its current form by expanding the three-dot menu and clicking "Add to playlist" from there. Spotify will not save the list in any of its iterations, so you can't easily go back to a particular set you might have liked without recreating it yourself.

At the moment, daylist is available to both Free and Premium subscribers, but only for users in the US, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand and Ireland. On desktop, you can access it by visiting its official page, but you can also start playing it on mobile by finding the option in the Made for You hub.

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