Square will support Apple's Tap to Pay on iPhones later this year

Sellers will no longer need extra hardware to accept payments.


Soon, sellers using Square's Point of Sale app can accept payments with only an iPhone. The mobile payment company has announced that it's working with Apple to enable the feature within its application and will launch the service to the public later this year. It will provide sellers with an easy-to-use payment solution, since they'll no longer need to use Square's add-on devices and terminals. All customers need to do is to tap their credit cards, debit cards or phones with digital wallets such as Apple Pay on the seller's iPhone. It does require sellers to have an iPhone XS or later device, but there'd be no extra expenses on hardware if they already have one.

When Apple introduced Tap to Pay in February, it was seen as a product that could disrupt the business of companies like Square. The tech giant promised back then, however, that it will "work closely with leading payment platforms and app developers across the payments and commerce industry," and it looks like Square is part of that list. Apple was testing the feature at its visitor center in Cupertino as recently as last month, allowing staff members to accept payment using the method.

While the general public won't have access to the feature for a while, Square has opened an Early Access Program to give select sellers the chance to try it out. The company has a sign up page on its website where sellers can submit their details to learn more about it.

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