Squarespace now lets customers add paywalls to their sites

They can add multiple membership levels too.


Everyone needs to make a little extra coin these days, including bloggers and site creators. That’s why Squarespace has introduced a way for its customers -- at least for a fee -- to add a “Member Areas” paywall to their sites.

According to Squarespace, this means you can make money from your site by gating certain content behind a paid area. So if you’re a publication using Squarespace, you can now add a paywall to certain articles. Squarespace also gave examples of a fitness educator adding group classes or a running club privately sharing schedules and routes in a members-only area. They’re also able to offer membership levels and create multiple members-only sections.

TechCrunch reports that the “Member Areas” subscription could take the form of a recurring membership fee or a one-time payment. Some can also be free with registration. Squarespace customers can also offer paid members specialty content like members-only podcasts and newsletters.

The “Member Areas” is available now as an add-on to any Squarespace subscription, with plans starting at $9 a month.