Star Trek's first NFTs lean heavily on incentives

Buy a pack on April 9th and you'll get rewards in future releases.


If you've been yearning for an official Star Trek NFT, now's your chance. Paramount and Recur are launching the first batch of Star Trek NFTs through in a 24-hour sale starting April 9th at 11AM Eastern. Despite the franchise's futuristic vision, though, the experience will be familiar to blockchain art buyers. Spend $250 on a Season 0 pack and you'll get unique, algorithmically-built starships (see an example above) that you can flaunt and sell to other Trekkies. There will be 20,000 items in this first wave, with 2,000 more "in reserve."

There will be incentives to buy early. Starship owners will receive crew member NFTs ahead of their wider release in Season 1, and Season 2 will let you use that crew for missions in a play-to-earn game.

The Star Trek offering is part of a larger Paramount strategy to offer NFTs across its "key franchises." Don't be surprised if you see a CSI or Indiana Jones drop, then. It's just a question of whether or not they'll be successful. The NFT market is still young, and the industry frequently deals with scams, spam and other headaches. It's not yet clear that there's sustainable demand for (and trust in) digital rarities, even if they're attached to a well-known sci-fi series.