Star Wars Jedi: Survivor patch promises 'solid 60 fps' performance on consoles

The PC version now supports DLSS.

Respawn / EA

Respawn and EA are rolling out a significant patch for Star Wars: Jedi Survivor. The game, plagued with performance issues at launch, now supports a “solid 60 fps” in performance mode on consoles. In addition, the PC version (which bore the brunt of many of the performance complaints) also received some stability improvements in patch seven.

The game’s patch notes say PS5 and Xbox Series X/S users can expect a “completely reworked” performance mode for a “substantially” improved experience. The changelog says patch seven disables Ray Tracing in performance mode while providing several GPU / CPU optimizations to achieve that “solid” 60 fps. The developers have also improved quality mode (which prioritizes graphical fidelity over a consistent frame rate) with “optimizations” to help reduce frame-rate fluctuations and improve visuals.

Although patch seven’s highlights are for console users, PC owners aren’t left in the dark. Respawn has added support for Nvidia’s DLSS (Deep Learning Super Sampling) for the game’s Windows version. Additionally, PC owners should see “additional performance & optimization improvements.”

Media asset for the game 'Star Wars: Jedi Survivor,' showing the protagonist (Cal Kestis) standing in front of a vast landscape with jutting cliffs and old structures. View from behind the hero's back.
Respawn / EA

The PS5 version of Jedi Survivor also gets variable refresh rate support for the first time. The feature, which Sony added to its latest console in April, dynamically matches a TV or monitor’s refresh rate to that of the PS5, lessening visual artifacts like screen tearing. Sony says it can help render scenes faster and reduce input lag.

Rounding up the patch’s notables are tweaks to fix corrupted save-game files and an issue where players couldn’t collect XP after dying “under certain circumstances.” Respawn also promises various crash / bug fixes and miscellaneous improvements on all platforms.

Star Wars: Jedi Survivor is available on PS5, Xbox Series X/S and Windows. PS4 and Xbox One ports are in development, although they don’t yet have a release date.