'Star Wars: Visions' Volume 2 trailer teases Aardman's take on Wookiees

The nine-episode anthology includes short films from around the world.


Did you ever want to see how the creators of Wallace and Grommit would handle the Star Wars universe? You're about to get your chance. Disney has released a trailer for Star Wars: Visions Volume 2, and it includes a peek at Aardman's short film "I Am Your Mother." To no one's surprise, it includes the studio's characteristic humor and ridiculously cute stop-motion animation — let's just say that Wookiee rage has never been more endearing.

The nine-short anthology includes projects from a wider selection of countries than the first collection. Pixar veteran Rodrigo Blaas is involved, as are accomplished outlets like Studio Mir and Triggerfish. As before, these aren't canonical tales — they're explorations of the Star Wars universe using a range of animation styles and storytelling formats.

Star Wars: Visions Volume 2 reaches Disney+ on May 4th (aka Star Wars Day). To some degree, this is Disney's way to fill the gap between marquee live action shows like The Mandalorian season three and Ahsoka. You might not mind, however, if you'd like to see some fresh takes on an otherwise familiar space fantasy.

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