Starbucks will offer nationwide DoorDash delivery by March

It’s an expansion of a program the companies began piloting last year.


DoorDash and Starbucks plan to expand their delivery partnership to all 50 US states by March this year, the companies announced Tuesday. Following a pilot that began last year in Atlanta, Houston and Sacramento (and later expanded to Seattle, Portland and New York City), people in North California, Texas, Georgia and Florida can now turn to DoorDash when they want a Starbucks coffee delivered to them.

According to Starbucks, it will offer 95 percent of the items found on in-store menus through DoorDash. You can also customize your order just like when you order in person. The app allows you to specify whether you want syrup in your drink, your milk preference and your choice of expresso roast. DoorDash also promises prompt delivery of coffee orders but stops short of a specific guarantee. DashPass customers won’t need to pay additional delivery fees to get their pumpkin spice latte orders to their door. For everyone else, DoorDash’s standard delivery and service fees apply.

Uber Eats has offered nationwide delivery of Starbucks orders since 2019, making the timing of the DoorDash expansion somewhat puzzling. By all accounts, the era of massive growth delivery firms saw during the first two years of the pandemic has come to an end. Between the easing of lockdown restrictions in many jurisdictions and cost of living increases, fewer people are using delivery apps.