Starlink’s global roaming option is now live for $200 a month

Starlink Roam is officially replacing Starlink for RVs.


Starlink for RVs has been officially rebranded as Starlink Roam, now that you can opt for a global roaming package and take your terminal anywhere with you in the world where the service is available. In SpaceX's announcement, it said the option is meant for people "traveling to locations where connectivity has been unreliable or completely unavailable." The global roaming option will set you back $200 a month instead of the $150 a month its regional counterpart costs. Starlink's service for RVs was originally priced at $135 a month, but it raised its prices this February.

Further, if you look at the Starlink website, you'll see that global roaming is only available with the $599 portable hardware. That's the service's terminal that does not provide you with internet connectivity while your vehicle is in motion. If you want to be able to use Starlink on a vehicle that's on the move, you'll have to purchase the $2,500 Flat High Performance terminal. But again, you can only get it with a regional subscription that's "geo-fenced to work on land within the same continent as [your] registered shipping address." Take note that if you use Starlink in a foreign country for more than two months, you may be required to change your registered address altogether.

Starlink started sending out emails about an upcoming global roaming option last month. It said back then that global roaming services are "contingent on regulatory approvals," because it still doesn't have the authority to offer internet connectivity in some countries like India. Starlink also said that you might experience "brief periods of poor connectivity, or none at all" while it's working to expand its satellite network for more coverage.