Steam update gives you more details about downloads and storage

It now shows download as well as installation progress.


Steam has released an update that makes it easier to manage downloads and storage, move games from one drive to another and more. The tweaks have been available for months in beta, but are finally coming to all users in the stable release channel, the gaming service announced.

The downloads page has been cleaned up and now shows installation progress on top of download status. That fix will help you figure out when you can play a game after it has downloaded. You can also reorder the priority of downloads by dragging and dropping them when installing multiple titles. Finally, the rather undescriptive "View News" button has been renamed to Patch Notes so you can see what's changed in an update while it's downloading.

The storage manager has also been refreshed so you can more easily see how much space you have left in case you want to move a game to a less full or faster drive, for instance. It'll also let you remove empty library folders and mount library folders on read-only drives.

It also added minor tweaks and fixes to the Library, Friends List, Remote Play Together, Steam Cloud, Steam VR and other features. The new version should install itself automatically (barring any COVID-related delays), but you can check on the status via the menu bar. A full list of updates is available here.