The Studio home workout display works with your existing gym equipment

Yet another way to take workout classes at home during the pandemic.


“Smart” workout equipment has gotten a lot of attention this year, what with the coronavirus shutting down gyms. Some of the more elaborate smart workout setups involve giant displays that stand in for a personal trainer, and a new one launches today on Indiegogo: Studio. What seems to set Studio apart from other options is that they say it can connect to a person’s existing home workout equipment, so you don’t need to pay for something like a Peleton bike, for example.

The Studio hardware itself is a 43-inch vertical screen to follow along with training sessions, see stats as you work out, and other such features. This isn’t all that unique; offerings like Mirror, Tonal and Tempo have similar hardware. Studio, however, says its screen doesn’t require special hardware and instead works with any exercise equipment you have. Specifically, it uses Bluetooth to connect to workout equipment so it can read things like treadmill speed, a bike’s cadence, your heart rate or other metrics.

However, Studio also says that it can make your old exercise equipment smart, as well — the company will offer sensors that can connect that equipment to the Studio display. There aren’t any other details on how that’ll work yet, though.

As with most such equipment, Studio also requires a monthly subscription. For $39, you’ll get access to classes for a variety of workouts, including “treadmill, cycling, strength, rowing, boxing, yoga, recovery and more.” By connecting a Bluetooth heart rate monitor to Studio, you can “compete” against anyone else who has taken the class — the company says it uses heart rate zones based on an individual’s maximum heart rate to compare between users.

Studio hardware will cost $999 and start shipping in November, but you can get an “early bird” discount on Indiegogo right now that brings the price down to $699. There are already plenty of options like this, but Studio’s price seems a little more affordable than other workout displays. And if the company does offer a good way work with older exercise equipment, it could have a way to stand out in a crowded market.

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