Stylophone-maker Dubreq created its own version of the theremin and it’s only $110

The Stylophone Theremin is a synthesizer with an antenna for pitch controls to create experimental sounds.

The theremin isn’t an instrument known for being easy to learn or budget-friendly, but it is cool as hell — and a new synth from Dubreq could be a good starting point for anyone wanting to dip their toes into the theremin experience. The Stylophone Theremin is the latest addition to Dubreq’s family of synths, and much like the classic contactless instrument, it has an antenna that responds to movement to create experimental sounds. It’ll cost about $110 when it becomes available, and the company has started taking signups for pre-orders on its website.

The Stylophone Theremin isn’t a straight-up theremin but a synth that uses an element of the design. It has a single antenna to control pitch only, rather than the usual two (one for pitch and one for volume). It’s battery-powered and portable, and has a built-in speaker and headphone/amp out. There’s no word yet on when exactly it’ll be released, but if you sign up for the pre-order, you’ll be sent a link when it goes live.