T-Mobile made a magenta Lite-Brite with help from Hasbro

Four of the kits come with prize packs that include devices and free subscriptions.


T-Mobile and Hasbro have released a limited edition Lite-Brite that comes with 200 magenta pegs and custom templates related to the carrier, including its 5G logo. You may never have read the words T-Mobile and Lite Brite in the same sentence before this, and even T-Mobile knows the partnership is a bit odd. In its announcement, the carrier said "You may be thinking... 5G... toy from 1967... what the eff? And you wouldn't be wrong."

As for why you'd want a T-Mobile Lite-Brite, well, some of the kits come with prize packs, and you're not exactly stuck with just magenta pegs and the carrier's templates. The kit has 412 pegs in all — 212 are multicolored — and you can download and upload templates at the product's official website.

Four of the kits hide a Magenta Ticket, which gives winners two new 5G smartphones with a free year of T-Mobile Magenta Plus service. The prize pack includes an HD flatscreen TV with a free year of the carrier's Home Internet service, as well. In addition, the winners get an all-expense paid trip for two to an event of their choice to any of the three of the company's venues: T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, T-Mobile Center in Kansas City and T-Mobile Park in Seattle.

If you want to get the Lite-Brite T-Mobile edition for the magenta pegs or for the chance to win those prizes, you can get one from the carrier's website for $20. It'll ship for free until Cyber Monday and will only be available for a limited time.

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