T-Mobile is killing its own TV streaming service in favor of YouTube TV

It's also making Philo its base live TV service.

deepblue4you via Getty Images

T-Mobile's TV streaming services won't look the same after April 29th: The carrier has announced that it's expanding its collaboration with Google across its products, including TVision. The original TVision Live, Live+ and Vibe services that it launched late last year are winding down on April 29th. T-Mobile is killing those products and making YouTube TV and Philo its premium and base live TV services, respectively.

Current TVision Live customers can get a free month of YouTube TV (worth $65) and three free months of YouTube Premium ($12). Live is T-Mobile's $40-a-month package that offers 30 channels, which can be upgraded to Live+ with additional sports channels for $10 more. Meanwhile, current Vibe customers — the tier that offers live and on-demand programming for $10 a month — can get a free month of Philo. After those free months are done, T-Mobile customers can continue their YouTube TV and Philo subscriptions for $10 less than their original prices. That means they'll only pay $55 a month for YouTube TV and $10 a month for Philo.

T—Mobile customers will be able to stream those services' content through TVision Hub, the company's low-cost Android TV-powered streaming dongle, though they can also use their Roku or any other streaming device. Existing TVision customers can take advantage of those deals by logging into their T-Mobile accounts or calling the carrier's customer service to get a redemption link. T-Mobile customers that don't have TVision subscriptions can sign up for YouTube TV with T-Mobile for $10 off starting on April 6th.

In its announcement, the company explained that it has "learned a lot about the TV industry" since launching TVision. Streaming services launch all the time, and T-Mobile has concluded that it "can add even more value to consumers’ TV choices by partnering with the best services out there."

It added:

"Our experience has shown us consumers need an advocate in this space. They don’t want more streaming services – they want help buying and navigating the services that already exist. And they want exclusive deals and special access. We’ll continue to play that role, giving our customers the best value with the best streaming services. So millions can cut the cord with the Cableopoly once and for all."

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