T-Mobile will fire unvaccinated corporate employees starting April 2nd

The company will reportedly also put workers with only one dose on unpaid leave.

SOPA Images via Getty Images

T-Mobile will fire corporate employees who aren’t fully vaccinated against COVID-19 by April 2nd, reports Bloomberg. The carrier confirmed the deadline after the outlet obtained an internal email in which Deeanne King, T-Mobile’s chief human resources officer, said the company will put employees who have gone out and only gotten one dose as of February 21st on unpaid leave.

“T-Mobile’s badge-controlled offices continue to be accessible only to those who are vaccinated against COVID-19 and we have shared with employees that we are requiring office workers to be fully vaccinated by April 2nd,” a spokesperson for T-Mobile told Engadget. “We understand that this is a deeply personal decision for some employees but we believe that taking this step will put us in the best position to protect our T-Mobile community.”

The carrier told The Verge it will have some exemptions in place “for certain roles, locations and legally mandated accommodations and exemptions.” For instance, per Bloomberg, T-Mobile won’t put customer service employees on unpaid leave if they only have one dose of the vaccine by February 21st. It also won’t subject field technicians and store employees to the mandate.

Other large US companies have imposed similar deadlines on their employees. Workers at Google, for instance, have until January 18th to declare their vaccine status. The company will place those who refuse to get their shots or fail to secure a valid exemption on paid administrative leave for 30 days. It will then place those workers on unpaid leave for up to six months and eventually fire them if they don’t comply with the policy.