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  • Live coverage from Sharp's CES press conference

    Thomas Ricker
    Thomas Ricker

    Yes, we're back. This time it's Sharp doing the presser honors. Once again, they've rolled out their uber-thin LCD for all to gaze upon. This time however, it's a 65-inch version with that same 1-inch thickness. Hoozah! Fortunately they have lunch for us. Unfortunately, we have no time to eat it in our tireless support (and pandering) to you dear reader. The smell of bologna can be overpowering. Things should get rolling here in a sec. 11:53am (PST) - Ugh, more food! 12:00am - Toshihiko Fujimoto, Chairman and CEO takes the stage. Running down the increased demand of LCDs. Fiscal year 2008, Sharp expects worldwide LCD TV demand to reach 96 million units for a 32% increase over 2007.