• Arkham City's Animated Series Batman skin is exclusive for GameStop PowerUp Rewards members

    Mike Schramm
    Mike Schramm

    That stylish Animated Series Batman skin (complete with the white triangles for eyes) is now officially, and apparently only available as an exclusive from GameStop, according to information on the company's store. Players who have a PowerUp Rewards membership (that card and Game Informer subscription GameStop's employees are always trying to sell you) will get access to the skin, a replica from the classic 1990s Batman: The Animated Series. Of course, Kevin Conroy, who voices the Bat in the games, started his tenure as the World's Greatest Detective in the series, so putting his voice and this costume together again will be a nice homecoming for fans. There was also a rumor going around that the same skin would be a GAME exclusive overseas, but that company is apparently offering Robin as a playable character, a bonus already revealed for Best Buy in the US. In other words, pick your pre-orders carefully out there, people. [Thanks, Alan!]