• Elecom claims first Bluetooth 3.0 mouse, performance improvements sure to be palpable

    Ross Miller
    Ross Miller

    Bluetooth 3.0 is poised to bring some big improvements, like WiFi hand-off for approximately 24Mbps data transfers... but how good is that for a mouse? We still don't really know, but that isn't stopping Elecom from boasting about its new, "first ever" BT 3.0 mouse -- and as best as we can tell, it lacks the "+ HS" protocol for utilizing the aforementioned 802.11 speeds. In other words, we don't think this was a race to beat the competition so much as it was one company finally saying, "hey, why not?" Japan denizens should be able to pick this up next month for ¥4,200 with tax, or about $52 in US bills.