• Humble Bundle introduces Sword & Sworcery to Android, packed with five other games

    Ben Gilbert
    Ben Gilbert

    Are you tired of your antagonistic friend Kevin berating you for not having played Capybara and Jim Guthrie collaboration Sword & Sworcery? "You've never played Sword & Sworcery? Dude, you should probably play Sword & Sworcery," he says, in his mocking tone. Well enough of that -- today is your first chance to snag Sword & Sworcery on your Android device for a potentially very low price. That price, of course, is up to you, as Sword & Sworcery is just one of six excellent games included in the fourth Humble Android Bundle, which launches today. Paying any amount nets you not just Superbrothers Sword & Sworcery EP, but also Waking Mars, Eufloria, Crayon Physics Deluxe, and Splice. Paying over the (variable) average amount will also get you a copy of (gorgeous) adventurer Machinarium. Beyond just Android, you'll also get copies on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux (pay $1 or more and you'll even get Steam keys for each game) -- it's a pretty great deal. Even better? That money goes to charity! Just think how good that'll feel to rub in that jerk Kevin's face.