• Nokia's €15 bicycle cellphone charger, now €30 in Europe

    Christopher Trout
    Christopher Trout

    Last we heard, Nokia's bike-powered cellphone charger was set to roll out worldwide by the end of 2010 for about €15 -- now the company's peddling it for €30 to European velocipede enthusiasts. (Sure, it's twice as expensive as we anticipated, but it's a huge step up from this thing.) The kit, intended primarily for developing markets, comes with a Nokia charger, phone holder, and bottle dynamo: the thing that spins your pedal pushing into cellphone juice. Aside from price and availability, Nokia seems to have followed through on the rest of its promises -- it sports a 2-mm charger interface and provides 28 minutes of talk time for every 10 minutes spent riding between 6kph (4mph) and 50kph (31mph). European riders can pick up the charger kit from Nokia's online store, while the rest of us just keep spinning our wheels.