• Doodle Defense game uses Kinect to turn white boards into displays, dry-erase markers into weapons

    Michael Gorman
    Michael Gorman

    Tower defense games have been done in damn near every way possible: on consoles, mobile apps, and online flash-based games. However, there's a new Kickstarter project, called Doodle Defense, that's putting a new spin on that simple gaming idea using some open source algorithms, a whiteboard, computer, Kinect and a projector. The game works by projecting the battlefield and bad guys on the whiteboard, while users can draw in obstacles using a black marker and towers of varied attack abilities in red, green, and blue. Kinect tracks where your drawings are onscreen, and reroutes the invaders accordingly, while also keeping track of how much ink you have left to use. Check out the video after the break to see the game in action, and if you want to pitch in to the inventor port Doodle Defense to the iPad, hit the source link below.