• EdgeStream enters the HD-over-internet pool

    Steven Kim
    Steven Kim

    It seems like everybody and their proverbial uncle wants to get in on the delivery of HD via the internet. EdgeStream (not to be confused with NetStreams) is a new entry into the streaming field, and based on the name, it's safe to assume an edge-network is the central bit here. Like most players in this field, specific details are shrouded over by either techy or catchy names. EdgeStream took the techy approach, and touts it Internet Congestion Tunnel Through (ICCT) and Continuous Route Optimization (CROS) technologies for delivering a smooth, eye-popping viewing experience here. Our own experience with their demos was less than stellar, but Rome wasn't built in a day, was it? At this point, we welcome all entries in the hopes that one of them will catch on and deliver on three counts: smooth playback (some initial buffering is acceptable), great picture quality and studio support.