• Aptera co-founder debuts EPIC 23e hybrid electric wake boat

    Donald Melanson
    Donald Melanson

    It doesn't exactly have the same space age looks of the Aptera 2e he helped design, but this new EPIC 23e wake boat from Chris Anthony's Epic Boats shouldn't have any trouble attracting attention nonetheless, and not just because of its paint job. The key bit here is the boat's Flux Propulsion EVO 8.1 Marine Drive System, which allows for all-electric operation most of the time, with the gas engine only kicking in to power the generator that recharges the lithium ion batteries. According to the company, that should translate to about four hours of operating time and as much as a 50 percent reduction in fuel, not to mention a 90 percent drop in carbon monoxide emissions. Of course, with some Aptera brains behind it, you'll also get plenty of on-board gadgets, including a touchscreen interface, GPS Speed Control, and a full-fledged on-board entertainment system for passengers. No firm word on a price, but it apparently could cost "as much as $150,000" when it launches in July, though the company eventually hopes to get that down to around $70,000. Must-see video after the break.[Via AutoblogGreen]