• Savannah giving one year of free work space to qualified developers

    Alexander Sliwinski
    Alexander Sliwinski

    The Creative Coast Alliance and Savannah Economic Development Authority announced today that they will give up to one year of free rent to game developers in the Game Development and Digital Media Center, currently under construction on the first floor of a new office building along the Savannah River. The year of free space, when combined with the potential of 30 percent off in Georgia taxes, could equal significant savings for start-ups.We contacted Savannah-based game designer and industry advocate Brenda Brathwaite, who apparently spearheaded this program, which is being dubbed "the offer." She told us, "Having seen one company close after another, I know there are a lot of amazingly talented developers out there who would like to continue developing games. These are my friends in many cases, and I started to think of possible things that I could do to help."She continued, "I got the idea to approach the Savannah Economic Development Authority about this concept of free space for game developers. They're pretty progressive, but at the same time, I knew I was asking for a lot. When they not only agreed but were incredibly enthusiastic about it, I was honestly thrilled. After months of layoffs, it felt like a bit of sun on the proverbial horizon."