• Belkin unveils the GoStudio iPod recording dock

    Nilay Patel
    Nilay Patel

    Belkin's not letting a little thing like the launch of the iPhone 3G slow it down this morning -- in addition to all that wireless gear, it's even got the stones to throw down an iPod accessory, which is a little funny. The GoStudio recorder is a full-featured recording dock for the iPod 5G, classic, and 2G and 3G nanos, which allows you to record 16-bit 44.1kHz audio directly from two built-in stereo mics or quarter-inch, XLR, and minijack inputs, and dump it all into iTunes when you're done. The $119 box isn't the sexiest thing we've ever seen, but if you're a dedicated podcaster or just suffer from delusions of being the next Martin Hannett, it's probably worth a look.