• Rugged LaCie Tank enclosure protects external HDDs, gaming handhelds, family heirlooms

    Darren Murph
    Darren Murph

    Hard to say why being "manufactured in Italy" is the reason for this thing's "guaranteed durability," but hey, there it is! LaCie's tough-as-nails Tank is little more than a robust, rugged, waterproof enclosure for anything small enough to sneak inside of it, but the internal foam cubes can be repositioned in order to house a top-secret external HDD, your cousin's DSi or your wife's gargantuan wedding band. Heck, you may even get two out of three in there. It's IP-63 certified to protect against dust and "pouring rain," and it measures 1.6- x 4.8- x 7.3-inches. Humorously, the warranty stops after 365 days, but look, it's built "like a fortress," okay? Now hand over your £19.99 ($31) and rest easy, bronco.