• DHL will do delivery-by-drone, but only for one tiny European island

    Richard Lawler
    Richard Lawler

    While Netflix laughs, Amazon petitions and Google runs tests in New Zealand, DHL is about to actually launch drone delivery for its customers -- sort of. Of course, it's a rather limited launch, since the only eligible recipients are residents of Juist, a German island in the North Sea. DHL has been testing its PaketKopter system since late last year. Now, in partnership with the German government, it's established a flight path for its UAVs to take off and fly themselves 12km from a harbor in Norddeich to the island at a height of about 50m (164 feet) and up to 18 m/s (about 40mph). There's still no plans to use these for regular service, but you can get a peek at the drone in action by checking out the video after the break.