• Kingston announces K-PEX media player

    Paul Miller
    Paul Miller

    Perhaps a bit jealous of fellow memory manufacturer SanDisk's successes in the portable audio space, Kingston is breaking in with their own portable media device. Titled the K-PEX (Kingston Portable Entertainment eXperience), the unit sports a 2-inch LCD, SD card slot, and about all the video and audio codec support you could ask for. Weighing 2.3-ounces, the device manages a lot for its size: a built-in mic and speakers are included, and you can hook up your camera via USB to pull off pictures on the go. You wouldn't be wrong to think this thing looks like a certain portable gaming device; Kingston is packing in two games with the device, and while third party support is never a given, we're guessing there should be a few more options down the road. We're not sure on date or price just yet, but the K-PEX should be coming to the US "soon" in 1GB and 2GB capacities.