• Japanese researchers make green OLEDs more efficient than ever

    Donald Melanson
    Donald Melanson

    Blue OLEDs may have been garnering the lion's share of researchers' attention as of late, but it looks like a group of researchers led by Akiyoshi Mikami of the Kanazawa Institute of Technology are doing their part to keep green side of things up to speed, and they've now announced that they've managed to more than double the efficiency of green phospor-based OLEDs. That was apparently achieved at least in part though the use of a 0.7mm-thick glass plate with a refraction index as high as 2.03, which was bonded to the substrate of the OLED, and apparently boosted the light-extraction efficiency 2.3 times all by itself. In terms of actual lumens, that translates to a light-emitting efficiency of 210lm/W, compared to just 94.3lm/W without the glass plate. Naturally, there's no indication at all as to when the improved OLEDs might be applied to some actual products, but the researchers say there's still room for even greater efficiency with some improvements to device manufacturing technology.[Via OLED-Info]