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  • Danamics debuts liquid metal-based LM10 CPU cooler

    Donald Melanson
    Donald Melanson

    Still not satisfied by the many, many cooling options out there to keep your toasty CPU under control? Then perhaps upstart Danamics' new liquid metal-based LM10 cooler will meet with your approval. According to the company, the LM10 is not only the first liquid metal-based cooler to hit the market, but it says it'll do a better job at keeping your CPU cool than most water-based cooling systems. That's apparently possible thanks to a combination of liquid metal (the exact specifics of which seem to be under wraps) and a "multi-string" electromagnetic pump, which has no moving parts and doesn't require external housings or large reservoirs. Unfortunately, there's no word on pricing or availability just yet, but judging from the way the company's talking about it, it seems like it's about ready to go.