• Hewlett Packard files trademarks for Gyst, Myte, and Veer: new Palm models?

    Chris Ziegler
    Chris Ziegler

    Palm has never shied away from odd, short names for its devices -- take the Zire, for instance -- so when you hear that Palm's new owner has filed for trademarks on "Gyst," "Myte," and "Veer" in the category that covers smartphones, it doesn't take a very big leap of logic to believe that they're intended for future Palm models. HP's filings were all made on the 10th of this month, so they're very fresh; of course, companies of all types regularly file trademarks that they don't use either to throw off the Engadgets of the world or just in case they end up needing it down the road, so we wouldn't take these to mean there'll definitely be Veers on your carrier's shelf in 2011. Our vote? We think Myte's a great name for a tiny phone and we've heard rumors that they'll be releasing a small model -- possibly a Pixi successor -- in the next few months, so that lines up rather nicely.