• Samsung NV100 and NV9 digicams make the scene

    Nilay Patel
    Nilay Patel

    Samsung's been jacking megapixel counts all over the place lately, and the Korean giant's latest digital cameras are no exception -- the new NV100 HD (pictured) packs in a ridiculous 14.7 megapixels, and the new compact NV9 tops at 10.2 megapixels. That's probably a little ridiculous, but we're not going to argue with progress, and the cameras seem pretty nice: the NV100 HD has a 3-inch touchscreen, a 3.6X Schneider Kreuznac lens, face, smile, and blink detection, 720p video recording and ISO3200 sensitivity, while the NV9 sports old-school analog battery and storage meters, as a well a 2.7-inch display, optical image stabilizer, and smile and blink detection. Both go on sale in August -- check out the NV9 after the break.Read - NV100 HDRead - NV9