• Sony prepping an NWZ-series of Walkmans?

    Thomas Ricker
    Thomas Ricker

    Not 100% clear what's going on here, but it looks like a new network Walkman was loosed (or is about to be) somewhere in the world. Cutting through the blur, we see that both players will offer 18 hours of video / 33 hours of audio with support for DRM'd WMA files. Both models -- NWZ-S615F (we think) and NWZ-A815 -- offer 2GB of flash and mimic the style of Sony's NW-A800 series of Walkman devices. Our tipster tells us to expect a launch in September so we'll know the poop soon enough.Update: A bit more rumor mongering for ya. The NWZ-A series will launch in 2, 4, and 8GB models in black, white, silver, and pink (8GB is black-only). The NWZ-S series includes an FM tuner. Both support USB Mass Storage with an announcement as early as Friday.[Thanks, Anna and Dan]