• Avatar Blu-ray & DVD official for April 22, "ultimate version" in November and 3D...?

    Richard Lawler
    Richard Lawler

    It's really no surprise, since Fox was quick to dispute Jim Cameron's prediction of November for a 3D home release of Avatar but didn't say anything about the now confirmed release of April 22 (check the press release after the break for worldwide release info) for the standard 2D DVD & Blu-ray. The L.A. Times reports we can expect one first for this version -- a new release Blu-ray movie with no trailers or promo content of any kind. No extras, no nothing, with the justification that they'll use all the space on the disc for the highest quality audio and video transfer possible. Whether you buy that one (literally or just the idea that 50GB isn't enough for a beautiful movie and a featurette or two) get your wallet ready as an "ultimate version" multi disc release is already on deck due in, wait for it... November. The "ultimate" tag might be a bit much if it can't present an extra dimension to the visuals, but we should find out more during a press event planned for March 23 featuring producer Jon Landau and director James Cameron (the Black Eyed Peas are regrettably not scheduled to attend.)