• Motorola lets loose TLKR T3 / T5 walkie talkies

    Darren Murph
    Darren Murph

    Leave it to Motorola to unleash yet another completely corny prefix to label its newest two-way radios. Yes, we wish we were kidding about the "TLKR" part, but sadly, it's very real. Nevertheless, the TLKR T3 touts eight channels, up to 20-hours of battery life, around five-kilometers of range, a sleep mode, channel scan / monitor, an LCD screen, and comes in blue, orange and red colors schemes. As for the T5, it boasts a six-kilometer range, a backlit LCD, handsfree functionality, five call tones, slightly worse battery life, and arrives in red, blue, or black. Currently, pricing details haven't been nailed down, but you can snap these up (if you can get over the name) next month.[Via Pocket-Lint]