• Vanna White loves Slingbox on her iPhone -- if only she could find three Gs!

    Paul Miller
    Paul Miller

    At what appeared to be a totally wild and awesome search for Wheel of Fortune contestants in a mall, Vanna White confessed on camera her deep love of gadgets, particularly her excitement about Slingbox and the new Slingbox app for the iPhone. We suppose it's fitting for somebody who's been playing with touchscreens since before most of us knew how to spell "technology," though it's really too bad she can't enjoy her daily The Price Is Right fix without hunting down a WiFi connection first. In an even more bizarre twist, it turns out Vanna White sued Samsung back in 1993 for using a robot that looked like her (pictured) in an advertisement. You may be a "geek girl," Vanna, but we bet your robotic doppelganger is using VOIPover3G with SlingPlayer on her Jailbroken iPhone right this second. The brief segment of her talking about Sling starts at the 2:06 mark, the video is after the break.[Thanks, Lonny P.]