• LG patents smart kiosk for wine cellars, creates a sommelier's best friend

    Joseph Volpe
    Joseph Volpe

    That LG would make a wine refrigerator should come as no shock. This is, after all, the same company that made a smartphone-controlled oven. But, as a recently surfaced patent can attest, it appears the Korean electronics giant may have more than cooling soured grapes on its mind. The USPTO filing, which dates back to December of 2009, describes a "mobile terminal" (think: portable kiosk) outfitted with a camera that's capable of scanning wine labels, matching them to a database and then delivering any relevant data. Sounds like a handy tool for those one-percenters with an ever-expanding cellar or, more practically, to help professional boozehounds sommeliers at highfalutin restaurants keep their inventory in order. Whatever the case, we're pretty sure Jack Donaghy approves. Hit up the source below to sift through the legalese for yourself.