TCL gives its flagship 10 series phones much-needed updates and price cuts

The TCL 10 Pro and 10L are now available for 15 percent less on Amazon and Best Buy.

Chris Velazco / Engadget

TCL has rolled an update for its first full-fledged smartphone line, which will fix some of the issues users have been grappling with. The manufacturer has also launched promotional offers for the devices, making them both available for 15 percent less on Amazon and Best Buy. That means interested buyers can get the TCL 10 Pro for $382 (original price is $450) on Amazon or for $380 from Best Buy. They could also opt for the TCL c, which is currently priced at $210 on Best Buy and at $212 on Amazon (from $250).

In addition, Best Buy is offering an additional $50 off for those who buy the phone and activate service with Verizon or AT&T. There’s a special discount for Sprint customers activating a new line or a new account, as well. Customers can get the 10 Pro for $330 from Best Buy with Verizon/AT&T service activation or for $280 with Sprint. Meanwhile, the 10L is $160 with Verizon/AT&T service activation on Best Buy or $110 with Sprint.

TCL says the update rolling out reflects feedback it has received from reviewers and consumers. It includes a patch that improves the 10 Pro’s and 10L’s camera performance to start with. Based on several reviews, the devices’ photo quality leaves a lot to be desired — photos taken with the 10L have lots of noise in low light, according to Wired, while the 10 Pro’s photos tend to look overly processed, according to The Verge. The update also enhances system stability and tweaks the camera function so that the TCL watermark isn’t switched on by default. Finally, it was designed to improve the 10 Pro’s touch panel performance and user experience.

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