TCL's latest visor concept hides a movie screen in a pair of shades

Version 3.0 of the wearable is much lighter than its predecessor.


As it did in 2019, TCL showed off a couple of prototype devices at IFA. The first being an update to its Project Archery wearable. If you need a refresher, the device is a pair of smart glasses that feature two OLED displays that can trick you into thinking you're watching a movie at a theater.

We saw version 2.0 of the wearable earlier this year at CES, and at IFA 2020, TCL showed off version 3.0. The new model is much lighter than the company's previous prototype and looks more like a pair of sunglasses — though they would probably still attract odd looks if you were to wear them in public.

The company said it's also working on technology to allow those who usually wear glasses to use the device without putting contact lenses on or keeping their frames on under the wearable.

TCL waterfall display

TCL also showed off a prototype smartphone with a waterfall display, though this is nothing new — Motorola’s Edge Plus is one of the latest devices to sport this feature also. The aggressive curve of the screen allows a manufacturer to eliminate any side bezel. It's a striking effect, but there are reasons companies like Samsung have moved away from curved screens: they're particularly prone to registering false taps, and they make a phone more expensive to manufacture.

The company told us the technology is coming to a TCL phone but stopped short of providing any other details. It also noted it's working on new foldable and rollable displays, but said it doesn't feel like 2020 is the year to release devices with those technologies. Given the eye-watering $2,000 starting price of Samsung's Galaxy Z Fold 2, that's probably the right call.