'Rise of the Ronin' is a historical action RPG from the team behind 'Nioh'

The PlayStation console exclusive arrives in 2024.

Koei Tecmo / Team Ninja

The studio behind Nioh plans to take PlayStation fans on an adventure through Bakumatsu-era Japan. On Tuesday, Team Ninja — not to be confused with Ninja Theory — announced it is working on a new action-adventure game titled Rise of the Ronin.

Set in 1863, about a decade after Commodore Matthew Perry ended Japan's isolation from the West, the game grounds the player in an era of dramatic technological and political change. You'll play as a wandering Ronin navigating a fractured country. This being a Team Ninja project, expect stylish third-person melee combat. It also looks like the game will take inspiration from Western open-world games like Assassin's Creed — which, you have to admit, is fitting given the subject matter. Rise of the Ronin will be a PlayStation console exclusive when it arrives sometime in 2024.