Tesla's latest patch hints at cloud-synced driver profiles

Your seat settings could follow you across different cars.

Barcroft Media via Getty Images

Tesla is preparing for a world where your driver profile can follow you across different cars, be it your personal EV or a rental. The car maker has added a Cloud Profiles section in its latest software release, which points to an "Enable Vehicle Sync" option for backing up driver profiles, Tesla Software Updates reports. The news isn't a huge surprise, as Elon Musk previously said cloud-synced profiles were on the way.

For a tech-focused car company like Tesla, giving its customers a simple way to bring their settings to multiple vehicles simply makes sense. That's particularly true after Hertz announced it would be buying 100,000 Teslas for its rental fleet. Though Musk was quick to point out that order hasn't been placed yet, it's not hard to imagine a world where anyone can easily rent a Tesla. They'd be easier to maintain than gas-powered cars, and the Model 3 is already cheaper than many luxury vehicles.

And sure, for the truly privileged, cloud profiles could also make it easier to synchronize settings across multiple vehicles. According to Tesla Software Updates, synced settings include your display brightness, Autopilot and navigation options. It'd also be helpful to have your Stopping Mode synchronized, as that seriously changes how Tesla's braking functions.