Tesla now offers a tow hitch for the Model Y

The new ride can pull 3,500 pounds.

y_carfan via Getty Images

The Model Y crossover EV has only been out for delivery since mid-March, although global events will clearly hamper its rollout for the foreseeable. While everyone’s stuck indoors, however, the company has added new build-to-order options for the whip, including a tow hook and a roof rack. Electrek spotted the addition of both features, the former of which will set you back $1,000.

Now that the tow hitch is available, we know that the Model Y can lug 3,500 pounds, a significant upgrade on the Model 3’s tow hitch -- even if that option is only available in Europe. The other addition is, of course, a roof rack, priced at $450, same as it costs to glom one onto the top of a Model 3. The report adds that if you’ve ordered a Model Y and want the additional tow hitch, you can add one by editing your design online.