Tesla begins selling a Model 3 tow hitch in Europe

It can handle 2,000 pounds, but only costs 970 of them.

Good news for aspiring Tesla Model 3 owners: the promised official tow hitch has arrived on the Tesla site, at least in Europe.

As well as being able to add a bike or ski mount to the EV, the high strength steel tow bar can pull up to 910 kilograms (2,006 pounds) of cargo. This makes it ideal for city break holidays transporting anything you can fit inside a small trailer.

Tesla Model 3 tow hitch

Electric vehicles are particularly good for towing, due to their impressive torque -- the Tesla Model X's tow hitch can manage a mighty 5,000 pounds.

As promised long ago by Elon Musk, the product appeared on the online configurator for the European Model 3 overnight, at a cost of £970 (about $1,262). The website specifies that it can't be installed after delivery, so you'll need to order it with your car if you want one.

There's no word yet on when the official Model 3 tow hitch might make an appearance outside Europe, but we'd expect it to become available in the US and other markets before long.