Tesla starts delivering the Model Y

But will sales hold in the current climate?

Tesla's Model Y is reaching buyers roughly a year after its debut. The company has followed up numerous buyer reports by confirming that deliveries of its electric crossover are officially underway in spring (really, late winter) as promised. It's not clear just how many vehicles are enroute at this stage, but it's notable that initial orders revolve around pricier Long Range and Performance configurations -- standard range models won't show until 2021.

The Model Y shares a lot in common with the Model 3 sedan, but it's arguably a more reasonably priced alternative to the Model X. You don't get the X's performance, more elaborate in-cabin tech or those signature falcon wing doors, but you do get considerably more room than the 3 with an option for seven seats.

The deliveries are good news for Tesla, which hoped to keep its momentum going through 2020. With that said, it might not have the same optimism now that the coronavirus outbreak is affecting production in multiple industries. It's not clear how long Tesla can maintain high output, or that customers will be thinking about car purchases in the current climate.