Tesla's Cybertruck won't get smaller any time soon

It's rethinking plans to shrink the electric pickup.

Roberto Baldwin/Engadget

Is Tesla’s Cybertruck too enormous for your garage? Unfortunately, you’ll have to shop for something else. Elon Musk has revealed that the electric pickup will stay “pretty much” the size of the prototype despite previous claims the production model would get smaller. There isn’t much room to shrink after a design review, according to the CEO — “even 3% smaller is too small,” he said.

Musk added that Tesla would “probably” make a smaller “world truck” in the future.

It’s not certain just what prevents the truck from shrinking, although its hard-to-shape cold-rolled steel clearly dictates its angular design. It’s safe to say you’ll have to think carefully about buying a Cybertruck, at any rate — this is for people who either have expansive garages or don’t mind leaving their pride and joy outdoors.