Tesla's iPhone app can now control your car through Siri

Siri, turn on Bioweapon Defense Mode.

Brandon Bell/Getty Images

You now have an easier way to control your Tesla from your iPhone. Not a Tesla App notes the latest version of Tesla's iOS software now supports Shortcuts actions, making some common tasks available through Siri in addition to on-screen taps and widgets. You can use Apple's voice assistant for simple tasks like opening the trunks or windows through to special modes. If you've ever wanted to activate Bioweapon Defense Mode by talking to your phone, it's now an option.

Shortcuts also enable automations, so you can string together multiple tasks or perform those tasks on set schedules. You can create a panic mode that flashes lights, honks the horn and closes windows all at the same time, for instance, or automatically warm the cabin before your morning commute.

The available commands aren't comprehensive, and include features you probably aren't going to use – you don't really need a shortcut for an emissions test. This could still be significantly more convenient than wading through the Tesla app, however. It's also notable that there isn't any official integration with Alexa or Google Assistant as of this writing, so Android users will have to put in more work to go hands-free.

This app update doesn't give Tesla cars a built-in voice control system. You'll need to turn to cars from the likes of Mercedes or Volvo if you want to talk directly to your vehicle. It does bring voice into the equation, though, and may be appreciated if you'd rather not wade through the official app to handle common functions.

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