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The Anova Precision Cooker 3.0 is $50 off right now

It's our favorite sous-vide machine that you can buy right now.

Anova Culinary

Most of us could stand to learn a new trick or two in the kitchen. Getting to grips with a new technique doesn't have to be difficult though, especially if you have the right equipment on hand. To wit: we reckon the Anova Precision Cooker 3.0 is the best sous vide machine you can buy right now, and best of all, it's on sale. The device has dropped by 25 percent to $149 at Amazon.

Anova's Precision Cooker 3.0 is our top pick for a great all-round sous vide machine.

$129 at Amazon
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$149 at Anova Culinary

This is the latest standard model of Anova's sous vide machines. It's one of the best prices we've seen for it to date — it has dropped a little lower in the past but this is still a solid deal all the same.

The Precision Cooker 3.0 is a great all-rounder that's easy to use. It can handle all the basics of cooking things like meats and eggs. The latest model includes digital touch controls, a stainless steel and water-resistant IPX7 design and a longer power cord than previous iterations. There's WiFi connectivity, while the eight-liter-per-minute flow rate means it can bring water to the correct temperature faster than a lot of rival gizmos.

Anova teamed up with highly regarded chef J. Kenji Lopez-Alt to feature a wealth of fully tested sous vide recipes in its app. And hey, if you're not exactly sure how to get started with sous vide, you're in luck: we have a handy guide just for that.

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