The 'Final Fantasy' pixel remaster games for Switch and PS4 arrive on April 19th

You can get the bundle as a digital download for $75, but Square Enix will also physical copies.

Square Enix

April 19th. Open your calendar app and drop a reminder with an alarm for that date if you've been waiting for the console versions of the Final Fantasy "pixel perfect" remasters since Square Enix announced it in December last year. All six games in the series — the first Final Fantasy, II, III, IV, V and VI — are hitting the PS4 and the Nintendo Switch that day, and you can either buy them in a bundle or individually get the ones you want to play.

Square Enix originally released the pixel perfect Final Fantasy remasters for the PC and mobile back in 2021 with new 2D graphics designed for HD displays, rearranged soundtracks and new gameplay features. The console versions of the games will also give you the option to switch between the old and the rearranged soundtracks, as well as between the default font and a new pixel-based font designed to recreate the original gaming experience. If you just want to play the games without grinding and running into enemies while exploring, you can turn off random encounters. And if you want to level up without putting too much time into it, you can switch on boost features to gain four times as much experience points.

You can pre-order the whole bundle from the Nintendo eShop right now for $75, but you can also get the first three games for $12 each and Final Fantasy IV, V or VI for $18. The PS4 versions will be available for sale later. Whichever console you choose to play on, you can can get freebies (such as themes and avatars) with your digital purchase if you get the games by May 25th. Square Enix is also expected to sell physical releases of the remasters on its store, including an anniversary edition with figurines and an artbook that will set you back $260.